Super Mario Special edition

Game Info: Super Mario Special edition

Super Mario Special edition is one of the latest games available to be played freely online directly in your web browser featuring our beloved hero that now finds himself face to face to a new challenge. Right from the start your old enemies such as the carnivore plants, the poisoned mushrooms, the walking goombas and some other monsters will try to stop you from fulfilling your mission, yet as Super Mario is one of the bravest characters I’m quite positive that he will succeed.
Each level inside the game is represented by a locked door that needs a secret key to be opened, so watch out carefully while playing in order not the miss the hidden key. Once all levels are unlocked the final match against the evil monster will really test your reaction skills, yet don’t let yourself intimidated Super Mario has a long history when it comes to fighting against monsters. If you enjoyed playing this game you should also look into Super Mario Flash 3

How to Play:

Use the arro keys to move.
Press SPACE to jump.

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