Super Mario Flash 3

Game Info: Super Mario Flash 3

Super Mario flash 3 is a game inspired by the original Nes Super Mario Bros 3 game featuring similar graphics and gameplay.  The plot is based on the same omni present motive of damsel in distress so once again our hero is trapped inside a world full of enemies and hidden traps and you are the only one who can help him complete all the levels, defeat Bowser and save the beautiful princess. This time Mario has to deal with 7 mini bosses until the final battle, so preserve your energy and don’t get to involved trying to beat every opponent on the stage. Don’t forget that this 3rd installment of the series offers you the option to use the bonus items stored inside the frame that is shown on the middle upper part of your screen. All you need to do in order for the bonus item to drop is to press the SPACEBAR on your keyboard.

How to Play:

Use the arrow keys to move and jump.
Space to drop the bonus item

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