Super Mario Flash 1 – snow edition

Game Info: Super Mario Flash 1 – snow edition

The popular Super Mario Flash 1 game gets a fresh new look inside this sequel as the snow sets all over the Kingdom of Mushrooms. Unfortunately for our favorite hero he cannot sit and rest near the fireplace as his beloved princess got into trouble again. The two brothers Mario and Luigi will go on a dangerous journey facing both the harsh weather as well as lot’s of enemies from Bowser’s army and many obstacles in order to bring the princess safe back home. There are 8 worlds in total that the two brothers needs to explore each featuring 4 different stages plus 8 mini bosses that must be defeated before they finally reach the monster’s castle where the final battle will take place. Super Mario Flash even though is a fan made game rivalize closely to the original Super Mario Bros 3 that was so appraised over the years and from which borrowed a few major elements.

How to Play:

Arrow keys to move and jump.
X- shoot.

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