Mario vs Luigi street fight

Game Info: Mario vs Luigi street fight

This game requires a little bit more time to load as it features very nice graphic details, sound moves etc.It’s a fantastic fighting game wich can be played as one player or two players. In 1player mod you choode Mario or Luigi and fight agains computer, while in the 2players mode you fight again a friend sitting just next to you. Special hits, like combos are inlcuded, you hit with punchs and kicks, make jumpovers. This game remainds me of back days when Street Fighter was a must have.

How to Play:

1 Player : W A S D to move and jump >> "U I O" to punch >> "J K L" to kich >> "J" to Confirm and START 2 Player: Arrows to move and jump >> "4 5 6" to punch >> "1 2 3 " to kick >> "1" to Confirm and STAR

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