Mario Ship War

Game Info: Mario Ship War

This one is all about stategy. There’s been some time since I enjoyed that much playing a warship game. Practicaly you must defend your island from the pirates and for that you must fire with your canon in their ships, but you have to do that while moving back and forth and also you must calcualte the aiming angle and the launching power of your cannonball. To launch your fire keep the mouse button presed until the power bar charges to the desired force the click to shoot. When you are left without ammo return to the island for loading. After you defeat the other ships you have the oportunity to shoop for new items in order to unpgrade.The game has it’s own HELP section so pay attention to this too.

How to Play:

Use the arroows to move back and forth
Use to mouse coursor to aim, HOLD click button for POWER then release to fire.

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