Super Mario Kart online

Game Info: Super Mario Kart online

Super Mario Kart game is the first installment of the Mario Kart franchise, released for the classic SNES console back in the ’90. The game features 4 different modes to choose from: MarioKart GP, Match Race, Time Trial and Battle, yet the GrandPrix is by far the most popular and the most played one. Here the player needs to race against seven other AI driven opponents in a 5 laps long race inside 5 different racing locations inside each of the 4 cups (Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, Star Cup and Special Cup). In order to qualify to a new stage the player is require to finish at least on the 4th place, otherwise 1 life is removed from player’s inventory. If you loose 3 times then the game is over and you need to restart. Super Mario Kart introduces the well know weapon like system by allowing players to collect all sort of bonus items that can be used either to increase one performance or to simple take others out for a short period of time. Thanks to NesBox emulator Super Mario kart is now online here on our portal so have fun!

How to Play:

Enter to start the game
Left, Right - arrows keys take corners.
X - accelerate Z- shoot A, S- jump.
V - camera view.


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