Plumbers Creed html5

Game Info: Plumbers Creed html5

Plumbers Creed is mix between to outstanding games: Super Mario Bros. and Assasin Creed, a mix that got quite popular back in 2015 when it was first released online. This title got reinvented this month November 2019 when in was ported to the modern html5 technology so now can be played freely directly into your browser.

All assets inside the game as well as villains characters got reskined into the Assasins Creed look and I have to say the game looks really interesting this way. An interesting thing that was added to game is represented by the fact that Super Mario can hide inside the wagon and defeat his enemies by using stealth and placing explosive in their way.

How to Play:

Arrow keys to move Q or A to throw a knife (5 seconds cooldown) W or Z to lay a mine (5 seconds cooldown) Jump on the head of the Koopas Jump on a haystack to hide in it R to restart

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