Mario kart 64

Game Info: Mario kart 64

Here you can play the original Mario kart 64 game online by the help of new html5 emulator. Released back in 1996  as a successor for Super Mario kart, the game rapidly become one of the most successful titles from it’s era.
Mario Kart 64 can handle up to four players at the same time and features four different modes that one can choose from. During a race the players gave the option to gather all sort of collectibles that are hidden inside gift boxes spread in different places across the kart track. These items can be used as a personal help ex, mushrooms that will grant you with a limited time speed boost, while Koopa Shells and banana peals will be used rather as weapons against the others, to slow them down. Mario kart 64 gathered sales in over 10 millions copies since it’s release and still have a word to say inside this segment dedicated to racing games.
Have fun and enjoy a true classic featuring the most popular character of all times inside the video games industry.

How to Play:

Press ENTER after the game is loaded.
K - Start / Select / Acceleate
J - Brake.
A, S - steer left and right.
E - jump; L - appearence


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