Mario Ghosthouse 2

Game Info: Mario Ghosthouse 2

Mario Ghosthouse 2 is the sequel to Mario in haunted house and it’s among the top of fan made Mario games available to be played freely online. The game follows the scary journey of our brave hero among 20 levels inside different rooms and the mansion of a haunted house were all sort of dangers are hidden. And if that wouldn’t be enough¬†Mario needs to also avoid getting caught in the hands of haunting phantoms. The ones that Mario¬†should avoid most are the spirits of Big Boo and DK Junior that act as some kind of mini bosses. Those of you that played Super Mario Word will sure have an advantage while taking on to this adventure as you will find lot of similarities but I won’t spoil more and let you complete this spooky quest yourself.

How to Play:

Use the Arrow keys to move and jump.

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